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Mobile surface measuring instrument

The simple solution to measure, evaluate and document surface roughness. Incoming goods, production or final inspection: with HANDYSURF, quality assurance becomes mobile – the measuring instrument goes to the workpiece and not vice versa.

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Measuring in different positions

HANDYSURF allows not only measurements on flat surfaces, but also on vertical and overhead surfaces. Furthermore, it is possible to separate the tracing driver for the more flexible use of the display unit and to use it with optional holding devices.

Freedom of motion

In order to work without cables, the system is powered by rechargeable batteries. A charger is included.

Patented automatic function

Measuring range, overall measuring length, cut-off and display magnification are automatically configured based on the surface quality.

Data storage

Ten complete data sets can be stored on the internal memory and accessed at any time.

PC interface

USB and RS 232C interfaces make it possible to transfer the measured values, as well as parameters and profile points directly to a computer. ZEISS CALYPSO software allows users to merge roughness, form and position in one report.

All common interface standards

ISO, DIN, CNOMO, JIS and ASME standards are fulfilled. Users can switch between seven languages: Germany, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.


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