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Mobile control and analysis unit

SURFCOM FLEX is an easy-to-use control and analysis unit with integrated printer. It can be used for roughness measurements with a skid or a stylus-and-arm system.

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Thanks to its ease of use and robustness, SURFCOM FLEX is at home in the workshop. Small, lightweight and flexible. Thanks to its compact size and robust design, the SURFCOM FLEX analysis unit can be easily transported and used anywhere. The small device also houses a printer. The 8.9 cm color display is very easy to read. Measuring results can be displayed numerically and graphically, and also be printed. Memory and interfaces

Measuring conditions and results can be stored on the internal memory or on the enclosed 8 GB memory card (micro USB). A mini USB interface enables data analysis on a computer. The system comes with very easy-to-use, Excel-based analysis software. Mobile measurement results can be numerically and graphically analyzed, and saved and documented as a PDF. SURFCOM FLEX comes in a robust hard case from ZEISS that contains all accessories, as well as the analysis unit and tracing driver.

  • Superb ease of use
  • Flexible: tracer driver selected based on measuring task
  • Version: SURFCOM FLEX 50 with 50 mm free probing tracer driver
  • Large deflection range of 1.6 mm – measurements on radii
  • 50 mm tracer driver – measurement of roughness and waviness in one process
  • Easy sensing arm exchange
  • Version: SURFCOM FLEX 35
  • Robust skid tracer driver with 12.5 mm measuring path
  • 2 µm and 5 µm stylus tips available
  • Optimal readability – 8.9 cm color display

SURFCOM FLEX stands for mobile roughness measurement in production, incoming goods and final inspection. Measurement of surface parameters on parts in the automotive, mechanical engineering and medical technology industries. SURFCOM FLEX is a universal surface measuring machine.


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