ZEISS at Analytica 2014

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ZEISS at Analytica 2014

April 01 - 04, Hall A2, Booth #107 - Munich, Germany

Visit our booth and discover ZEISS systems for light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM), superresolution and correlative microscopy.


Light Microscopes for Industry & Labs

ZEISS offers light microscopy tools for every industrial application, including visualization and analysis of machine parts, metals, minerals, chemicals, plastics, polymers, coatings and rubber. These microscopes are also the best in class for clinical and life science laboratories. Stop by our booth and ask our experts what the right tool is for your microscopy needs.

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New Product: ZEISS Labscope - The iPad Imaging App

With Labscope, you transform your ZEISS Primo Star with integrated HD camera into a WiFi-enabled imaging system. Be it in the laboratory, university, school or even for your hobby - Labscope snaps images and records videos of your microscopic samples, easier than ever. You can create annotations and reports, perform image processing and save the files to your Windows network, or simply share them with anyone. Anywhere.
Moreover, with Labscope you can easily create a high-quality digital classroom and let your students learn in a fun way.

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New Product:
Nondestructive 3D Imaging

ZEISS recently acquired Xradia X-ray microscopy, introducing two new nondestructive 3D imaging systems for synchrotron-quality lab-based research. ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa offers submicron imaging with unique dual-energy based compositional contrast capability. ZEISS Xradia 810 Ultra provides <50 nm spatial resolution up to 10X faster for a wide variety of materials.

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