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December 11 | ZEISS On Your Campus Online Workshop

What's new in Life Sciences

In this ZEISS On Your Campus Workshop, ZEISS Hungary is presenting the latest advances in the field of Life Sciences.

Join the Online Workshop and learn in three short talks more about:

  • The new Lattice Lightsheet
  • How to combine superresolution and live cell imaging
  • Correlative Microscopy - combining imaging modalities of all kind

We are looking forward to your participation!

Your ZEISS Microscopy Team Hungary


Program | December 11

1 pm 

ZEISS Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM and ZEISS LSM 9 Family with Airyscan 2
Two systems combining superresolution and live cell imaging.

Christine Strasser

1:30 pm

Q & A Session 

1:50 pm

Lattice Lightsheet 7 
Discovering the subcellular dynamics of life.

Gert Sonntag

2:30 pm

Q & A Session 

2:50 pm

Native Cell Imaging from light to electron microscopy 
ZEISS Cryo Correlative Workflow

Jörg Lindenau

3:10 pm

Q & A Session

3:45 pm


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ZEISS Online Workshop | December 11

Speaker Profile

Christine Strasser

Christine studied Biology and did her PhD in Constance, Germany. During that time, she worked intensively with ZEISS confocal microscopes and also trained users in the newly founded BioImaging Center. She has been working for ZEISS in Switzerland since 2010 and is responsible as an application specialist for Confocal- and Lightsheet- systems in Switzerland, Austria and SEE.

Gert Sonntag

Gert fell in love with microscopy 25 years ago studying biology. After his study he joined ZEISS as a 3D specialist. Over the last years he could travel a lot to South Eastern Europe and especially Hungary. This allowed him to present latest developments to customers in many different areas of research. Gert is an expert when it comes to all kinds of live cell imaging, confocal and lightsheet as well as superresolution techniques.

Jörg Lindenau

In 2000 Jörg joined ZEISS, where his first task was to establish an application lab for laser scanning confocal microscopy. During the following years he worked as an imaging specialist, providing worldwide application support for local ZEISS organizations. From 2012 to 2014 he managed the ZEISS Microscopy distributor network in the Middle East region. In 2014 he moved to the field of scanning electron microscopy within ZEISS. 


ZEISS Christine Strasser
ZEISS Gert Sonntag
ZEISS Jörg Lindenau